Maternity dress (1)

So what to wear to the Office when pregnant? When I looked around me at (working) pregnant women I thought this was going te be a though cookie. But with my new favo shop I now know it is not. (The label Seraphine is also available at Breeze Polka Dot Knot Front Maternity Dress

This dress was also worn by Kate Middelton! (in fuchsia) and I really know why. It is sooo comfy and yet suitable for really any moment. Work, shopping, hanging out with friends etc. Even my cat loves it ūüėČ

Sea Breeze Polka Dot Knot Front Maternity Dress, Manolo Blahnik pretati

Sea Breeze Polka Dot Knot Front Maternity Dress, Manolo Blahnik Pretati

White Blazer H&M Рsold out. Dress polka dot knot dress Seraphine here. Shoes Manolo Blahnik Pretati- not for sale anymore. Vest (see below) Repeat Cashmere sold out but check for similar colors and vests.

Maternity clothing

I was soo happy when I finally saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound after 4 miscarriages. But now I beated the challenge of getting and staying pregnant I now stood before the what to wear challenge. After 14 weeks my ‘normal’ clothing became thigther and thighter.. So I had a good reason to shop.

Because I am pregnant in spring/summer and the spring can be really cold in the Netherlands but the summer really hot I wanted to do some smart shopping. You only wear maternity clothing for a few months after all. But I want get throug my pregnancy with a bit of style…

First stop for me was H&M, they have some nice maternity pieces for a great price. But soon I also fell in love with Seraphine maternity clothing which is based in the UK.

So here is one of my first pregnancy outfits just right for those colder spring days.


Blouse H&M Mama- sold our, top H&M Mama here, Pants Seraphine maternity here, shoes Addidas superstar here, watch Maurice Lacroix fiaba diamonds here

Nail routine

Because I believe nails are just as important as your outfit or hairdo I paint them every week (also never forget your toes especially when you show them!!)

One of my best friends has her own beauty salon and she introduced me with OPI a few years ago. And since then I have been true to this brand.

I especially love the nail envy line op OPI, which besides a nice colour strenghtens your nails. I have got these three colours 

As you can see I use the bubble bath colour the most.

Before painting my nails I always file them in a round shape. I believe a round shape helps to not break my nails as fast as when in a square shape. I also always use a glass file, I was told this also helps to prevent your nails from breaking. This file also last very long! 

After filing, and when I use a lighter colour I always use a white pencil for under the white lining of the nail. This gives you that french manicure look without too much fuss.

But today I am going for the colour Hawaiian Orchid. 

After aplying two coats. I al set for the week ahead!

Verbouwen/ Remodeling

*scroll naar beneden voor Nederlands

It’s been a long time since my last blog * sorry * since we moved to the farm and started with the renovations of the house.
I really feel that we do not have any moment of ¬†peace anymore. During the week we are both working at the office, and there are carpenters busy in¬†our house. And in the evening we are busy with cleaning up after them, and doing tasks on the farm that can not wait till the weekend. Because in the weekends we are busy with (the things we can do ourselfs) rebuilding and decorating. ¬†And yes, I am now only talking about the bedroom and bathroom ensuite… ¬†However, in November last year we began with the TV room. And besides the floor this room is fully decorated and livable by now.¬†
This is what we started with..TV kamer oud kast


Het is alweer een hele tijd geleden sinds mijn laatste blog *sorry* sinds we naar de boerderij zijn verhuisd. En sinds we zijn begonnen met de verbouwingen heb ik echt het gevoel dat we geen moment rust meer hebben. Door de week zijn we beide hard aan het werk, en zijn er timmerlui in ons huis aan het werk. ‘S avonds zijn we druk met opruimen en taken op de boerderij. En in het weekend pakken we de dingen aan in de verbouwing die we zelf kunnen. En dan zijn we alleen nog maar bezig met de slaapkamer en en een badkamer en suite.
We zijn echter in November vorig jaar begonnen met de TV kamer. Buitenom de vloer is deze vooreerst af.TV kamerWe moved the closet (a so called Groninger Kabinet) to the livingroom. / het Groninger kabinet hebben we verplaatst naar de woonkamer.

kleurstaal grijstintenTV kamer geverfdTV room painted¬†Done with painting!! Don’t you think the color brings something to the room?!/ Klaar met verven! Vind je ook niet dat de kleur de kamer doet opleven?

TV kamer en suitedeurenAnd I am sooo in love with my ensuite doors!! / Ik ben zoo verliefd op mijn ensuite deuren!!
Bank Haros meubelenTV kamer kussens

TV kamer vaas met margriet bloemen